Thursday, December 22, 2011

Say Hello to Thirteen!

HEYY. Long time no post yea. Well, I'm 13 on 20th December. And yeaa, my friends are making me a surprise({{}})

Jadi ya, tanggal 20 itu gue ulangtaun. Kan pada ngucapin lah ya kan bla bla bla I'll post the capture later! Nyokap bokap kakak ngasih kue jam 1an gitu kan aah unyu yah ihii. Trus......nah, pas nyampe sekolah, gue gak happy SAMA SEKALI.

Nyampe sekolah, di tangga deket swimming pool ada Fara, Janis, Ayya trus mereka meluk2 gue gitu ngucapin hbd kan. Nyampe kelas, ada Intan, Desya, Ela. Mereka di mattress sambil pada main gitar dan ngucapinnya tuh ya cuma kayak flat bgt gitu datar bgt gitu kan nah dari situ gue udah ngerasa ada yg strange gitu. Nah trus Chloudya, Diandra, Nina kan udah pada dateng trus MEREKA GAK NGUCAPIN. Tambah sakit hati tuh gue yak-_- Trus Lisa dateng dan teriak hbd ke gue gitu gue udah seneng masih ada yg waras atu kan temen2 gue-_-

All day itu gue bener2 gak mood ngapa2in gak mood makan. Fadli sih sempet kan ngucapin hbd gitu di kelas. Nah nah, yang bikin gue tambah sakit hati itu Hamun (read: Rahma) sama Belle (read: Nobel) mereka engga ngucapin sama sekali._. Mana Hamun itu kan emg super duper deket bgt kan ya sama gue. Jadi ya berasa bgt namanya Hamun ngejauhin gue gitu.

Pas jam2 mau pulang gitu, gue ke nyokap trus nangis. Trus pas nangis, Fadli lewat coba.___. Trus gue turun ke bawah trus Fadli kan nanya gue kenapa ya gue bilang aja gapapa gitu-_- Mana pulangnya sooooo late bgt kan. Untung bawa hp. Nah pas nunggu di sekolah pun gue nangis lagi di belakang lobby karena suatu hal :') well itu nangis terharu nangis seneng nangis kaget nangis sedih juga sih ya semua kecampur deh tuu.

Pas di rumah gue juga bete nya super duper. HP JATOH DI KAMAR MANDI. KAMERA JATOH DARI KASUR KE LANTAI grgr gue bete nya udah akut banget ya gue banting2 barang. Fadli sms gue nanya gue gpp ka segala macem trus gue jadi curcol gitu ke dia-_- dia bilang mau di kasih surprise tapi gue ga percaya. Yekan soalnya rada sorean gitu gue mau ke pim dan pasti pulang malem kan.

Trus gue ke pim sore2an nya. Makan2 gitu sama bonyok sama kakak. Dan habis makan, kakak gue minta langsung pulang coba. Trus pulang. Di mobil, tidur. Nyampe rumah langsung tidur lagi belom ganti baju belom apa2 langsung tepar lagi. Trus tiba-tiba...........

Pada bawa kue segala macem kan. Itu ada Hamun, Belle, Meidy, Intan, Desya, Lisa, Fara, Ayya, Mpay, Diaz, Nugra, Dimas, Aldi, Richard, Indra :''''''''''''''') gue seneng bgt deh at that timeee. Mana gue lagi tidur coba mereka ke rumah gue nya. Gue belom ganti baju pula. Trus kamar gue berubah jadi pasar malem hemmm. Trus Mpay kan nyolekin kue ke muka gue kan trus gue ke kamar mandi mau bersihin. Dan pas keluar kamar mandi.........party string dan confetti DAN LO HARUS TAU MPAY ITU BEGO SUPER DUPER MASA BUKA CONFETTI NYA PAS DI DEPAN MUKA GUE DAN MUKA GUE KENA CONFETTI MUKA GUE PERIH SANGAT MERAH SANGAT-________________-

Trus kita2 makan2 kue yang mereka bawa sama yg nyokap bokap kakak kasih pas jam 1an ituu. Dan sumpah gue benci bgtt ya sama mereka semua-___- ohiya, mereka itu ke rumah gue tuh jam 10 lewat gitu coba hadehh ganggu orang tidur ajasiih. GADEENG EHEHEHEHHEHEHEEHE I LOVE YOU ALL HAMUN INTAN BELLE DESYA MEIDY FARA LISA AYYA MPAY DIAZ NUGRA DIMAS ALDI RICHARD INDRA ({{{{{}}}}})

*I'll post the photos later yaa. Foto2 ada di kamera Meidy dan Meidy tidak bisa meng uploadnya lantaran laptop nya disiram air sama ari-_- gwrrrs laptop Meidy!{}


Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Letter from Intan

Hearing the sound of the rain that falls reminds me of the past. Realizing that no matter how hard I try, it would never go back to how it used to be.

A part of you has always been in my heart. Somehow, I just can't forget about you. You left a deep footprint in my fragile heart. You're a history of my life. You're the first one, and I thought you'd be the last. I thought we'd last forever...but we don't.

I remembered the day when I end up everything we've been through. It was a hot day in the middle of July. I thought you'll be chasing me. I thought you won't let me go...but you did.

You might think that I left for no reason. But that's not the case. I didn't tell you the reason because it's just really hard for me. The only one that knows the exact reason why I left is only me. Only my heart knows it.

Once I left, you look just fine. At that point, I conclude that I mean nothing to you. I know I was wrong because I judge you that way, but it's too late now. Seeing you like that breaks my heart because you're a big part of my life. Seeing you being so close to her makes me realize that I have to move on. I finally did.

What's the point of writing this? I don't know. But one thing I know for sure, anything could happen.


But now, it's over. Somehow I can't forget him, but I need to. I have to. He betrayed me. And now I'm on my own. I feel lonely, but at the same time, I'm afraid of being close to anyone. I've got enough of hurt. My heart has reached its weakest point.


"It's like once you've been hurt, you're so scared to get attached again. Like you have this fear that every person you start to like is going to break your heart."

PS: This is dedicated to YP and SBN from Intan{}

Sunday, November 27, 2011

15 ways to make 'her' smile. FOR BOYS, please read THIS and OPEN YOUR EYES

1. Tell her she is beautiful. not hot or fine
2. hold her hand at any moment you can

3. kiss her on the forehead

4. leave her voice messages to wake up to

5. when she’s upset, hold her tight and don’t let her go

6. recognize the small things they usually mean the most

7. call her ‘sweetie’ not ‘baby’

8. sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is

9. introduce her to your family and your friends as your girlfriend

10. let her fall asleep in your arms

11. if she’s mad, kiss her

12. kiss her in the rain

13. when she’s ill stay by her side

14. play fight with her and let her win

15. and most importantly if you love her, tell her.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Man Who Can't Be Move :')

Going back to the corner 
Where I first saw you
Gonna camp in my sleepin'  bag
I'm not gonna' move
Got some words on cardboard
Got your picture in my hand
Sayin' if you see this girl 
Can you tell her where I am

Some try to hand me money
The don't understand
I'm not broke
I'm just a broken hearted man
I know it makes no sense, 
But what else can I do?
How can I move on..
When I'm still in love with you

Cos if one day you wake up
And find that you're missin' me
And your heart start to wonder
Where on this earth I could be

Thinkin' maybe you come back
Into the place that we meet
And you'd see me waitin' for you
On the corner of the street

So I'm not movin'
I'm not movin'

Policeman says
"Son you can't stay here"
I said
"There's someone I'm waiting for
If it's a day, a month, a year"
Gotta stand my ground, 
Even if it rains or snows
If she changes her mind
This is the first place she will go

Cos if one day you wake up
And find that you're missin' me
And your heart start to wonder
Where on this earth I could be

Thinkin' maybe you come back
Into the place that we meet
And you'd see me waitin' for you
On the corner of the street

So I'm not movin'
I'm not movin'
I'm not movin'
I'm not movin'

People talk about the guy
Who's waiting on a girl
There are no holes in his shoes
But a big hole in his world

Maybe I'll get famous
As the man who can't be moved
And maybe you won't mean to
But you'll see me on the news
And you'll come running to the corner
Cos you know it's just for you
I'm the man who can't be moved
I'm the man who can't be moved

Cos if one day you wake up
And find that you're missin' me
And your heart start to wonder
Where on this earth I could be
Thinkin' maybe you come back
Into the place that we meet
you'd see me waitin' for you
On the corner of the street

Cos if one day you wake u
And find that you're missin' me
And your heart start to wonder
Where on this earth I could be

Thinkin' maybe you come back
Into the place that we meet
you'd see me waitin' for you
On the corner of the street

Goin' back to the corner
Where I first saw you
Gonna camp in my sleepin' bag
I'm not gonna move

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I just wish that you could be mine forever.
I know that you're not even mine right now.
But I just can't let you go.
I just can't forget you as easy as turning my hands.
It's not easy. It's fucking hard
& I don't think that i can.

I love you.
I don't know why.
I just love you.
I never love anybody (other than parents and God) this much before.
I don't know why.
You're different.

I know you ever hurt me, idk you feel it or not, but you did.
I know you have someone there.
I know I can't be with you.
But I always pray to God that you could be mine.

Everytime I miss you, I suddenly remember the times we had together.
I love your smile.
I love your laugh.
I love your smell.
I love how you act when you're with me.
I love every little thing about you.
I just love everything inside of you.

I know that we got to end this 'thing' asap
But everytime I got a chance to tell you, my heart just don't want to let you go. Either my mind. And everything in me just don't want to lose you.
But I have to.
I have to.

I don't want this to be more complicated.
I don't want you to lose the one that you love because of me.
I know you told me you love me.
And I have to do this because I love you. I really really do.
Like more than anybody could imagine.
Like more than anyone else in this world.

Gaaah, I'm tired.
I'm tired of this situation.
Well, I think, I'll end this soon.
If I'm strong enough to do everything without you :')
Stay strong, heart!

Thanks to 'YOU' for making me strong.
Thanks for making me realize everything.
Thank you :''''''''D


i want guy

1. who will be there everytime i need him
2. who will treat me like a princess
3. who will never leave me alone even if DOTA is tempting him
4. who will sing for me when i'm sad
5. who will tell me i'm beautiful even if i'm at my worst
6. who will surprise me everyday
7. who will protect me
8. who will trust me and love me for who i am
9. who will never say sorry because he'll never hurt me

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gxPO2xJK_fU/Tsu0ZN8p_QI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/FEeX2maA37c/s1600/tumblr_lulrpzhS1L1qbv4sdo1_400+%25281%2529.jpg

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i don't want a serious relationship: i'm a teenager. i want someone who i can act like complete dickhead around, that we can spend hours just talking about the most pointless things. i want someone who makes me laugh and who i can plan stupid things with that'll never happen, because i'm sick of seeing these movies with the girl falling in love with the perfect boy, who wants perfect? i want adventure. i want someone i can tell my secrets too and waste my weekend and act like we're 5 years old again. i wanna have fun.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

science aaaiueoaiueoo x_x

yunowat. tadi itu pejalaran science daaan itu kita disuruh belah ikan sama ayam coba lo bayangin aduhh gue setressssss. gue udah jijik parah gitu deh ya mana pasti ada darahnya kan nah hayolooo mampus bgt gue x_x

nah trus kan gue se group sama mei ela za thir kan trus thir bawa ayam DAN ASDFGHJKL ITU BABY AYAM AAAA kasihan sekali itu soooo small dan mei bawa ikan. gue megang ikannya tuh bener2 gaberani bgt kan ya. trus akhirnya gue memberanikan diri *ea buat bantu motong tuh ikan biadab-_- manaa taugaksih yaa asdfghjkl itu ikan tuh meidy bawa dengan keadaan idup meen. i-d-u-p. itu gerak2 mulu pas mau di belek nya gitu-_-

trus ya trus pas akhirnya alhamdulillah itu udah di belek dan udah keliatan organ2 nya gitu ya walaupun penuh perjuangan juga sih itu tuh jantung nya masih dag dig dug gituu aduuh ikan kece ya bernyawa melimpah-_- trus pas gue lg motong gitu, ada something green gitu gitu ya kepotong sama gue dan green nya baguus!!!

mana kan pas mau motong2 gitu si ikan lompat2 dan gue teriak kan dan ya fyi ya emg gue toa oke gue akuin gue diomelin sama anak2 group gue-__-

then cabut ke ayam. pas motong ayam, gue sama za udah pengen dari awal pengen ngeluarin *peep* from its usus aihiiiiiii. trus kan nyopot2in ususnya dari yg lain kan susah ya nah trus gue tuh haduhh yang motong-_- untung kaga ada darahnyee--" MANA LAB COAT GUE KENA TAI AYAM JINGGGGG-_____________- trus gue meperin ke za HAHAAA

aduh udah deh ya sekian dan terimakasih mau nyuci lab coat HAHAAHAHAAA gadengg;P

Saturday, November 12, 2011

boys, this one's for you ;;)

when a girl bumps into your arm while walking, she wants you to hold her hand

when she wants a hug she will just stand there

when you break a girls heart, she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later

when a girl is quite, millions of things are running through her mind

when a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply

when a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around

when a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not fine at all

when a girl stares at you, she is wondering why are you so wonderful

when a girl lays her head on you chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever

when a girl says that she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future

when a girl says, "I miss you," no one in this world can miss you more than that

when a girl is mean to you after a break-up, she wants you back, but she's scared she'll get hurt and knows you're gone forever

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


1. believe in Allah o:)
2. A TRULY DIRECTIONER! Love Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson♥
3. suka sushi banget
4. kelas 8 di Sekolah Pilar Indonesia
5. punya 1 kakak cowok, Calvin
6. gasuka backstabber
7. moody
8. toa
9. singlee
10. gaberani tidur sendiri
11. ukuran sepatu 39, 40
12. gampang nangis
13. suka pedes banget
14. Directioners
15. part of Mavorians!{}
16. sayang Mavorians{}
17. youngest in class!
18. cewek tertinggi ke-3 di kelas
19. suka angka 8, 9, 20
20. hampir ga pernah matiin laptop._.
21. sayang mami dadi...mas calvin deh hahaa
22. harus pacaran sama orang yg seiman/seagama
23. ever been kissed, in cheeks and forehead
24. kepengen garden wedding gitu
25. gasuka orang yg omdo
26. paling anti sama potong rambut
27. suka pake eyeliner sama mascara. itu doang
28. kepengen mac pro
29. sholat masih suka bolong
30. kalo minum dingin langsung batuk pilek
31. suka makan, gamau gendut
32. belo O.O
33. frontal
34. berat 46
35. suka bgt math
36. kalo kecapean rasanya kyk mau pingsan
37. ada yg pernah ngaku2 gue itu mantannya-___-
38. susah banget gabisa bgt tuh MOVE ON
39. punya minus punya silinder
40. suka Gerard Pique, David Villa, Iker Casillas bgtbgtbgtbgtbgtan<3<3<3
42. pernah jatoh dari tangga trus dagu dijait 8 jaitan kalo gasalah
44. pake bold
45. sukanya di greet daripada nge greet
46. punya diary sama anis dari gue kelas 3 anis kelas 4 oiya sama nilam juga tp nilamnya udah pindah
47. gabisa tidur kalo gapake ac sama guling
48. suka baca novel bahasa indo yg tentang lopelope gituu
49. gasuka kalo ga di anggep/diremehin
50. sayang desya intan meidy<3
51. hampir setiap minggu ke fm sama desya buat naskuc
52. suka es bodong
53. minta di ajarin mobil belom2 terus-_-
54. gabegitu suka gambar tapi suka gambar2 di meja sekolah
55. kinda spender
56. gasuka diatur2
57. butuh pacar
58. suka mendem perasaan trus ujung2nya nyakitin diri sendiri
59. takut makhluk2 yg gak keliatan
60. kalo lg jalan sama temen, suka ke zara trus nyobain baju yg banyak gitu tp ga beli hahaa
61. mau punya cowok setia, romantis tp santai, terima gue apa adanya, suka bercanda, lebih tinggi dari gue, gamau satu kelas
62. pasti ngantuk setiap pelajaran miss davis
63. bisa main piano, keyboard dsb sama biola
63. suka basket
64. Sagitarius!
65. 20 December 1998
66. gasuka di copycat orang bgt
67. kesel sendiri kalo wifi rumah baal
68. suka baca2in blog orang
69. gasuka di sindir2
70. gasuka sama two-faced person
71. fave spot di kamar; pojokan lemari gitu senderan di lemari duduk di karpet bawah pake meja kecil main laptop dehh
72. gasuka dikasih julukan yang bikin sakit hati
73. seriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingg bgt disakitin cowok tp tetep sayang gitu
74. lagi kangen mmm..... siapa ya? si itu aja deh(?)
75. gabetah liat hp lobet trus led nya nyala kuning2 gabetang bingiiits
76. pengen diet
77. pengen ikut tim cheers gitu
78. benci sama pelajaran yg hafalan
79. suka latah "eh monyet.."
80. gasuka asep rokok tp kalo udah dibaju gitu gatau kenapa enak gitu baunyaa:/
81. gampang bersosialisasi
82. setiap mau difoto pasti ngerapiin rambut dulu._.
83. paling sering jalan sama desya<3
84. suka bengong
85. kalo lg badmood, semua orang kena deh
86. benci pms
87. pengen bgt ke paris trus jadian kek apa sama pacar kek pokoknya yg sweet gitu
88. gapernah ngerokok
89. pengen pindah sekolah. sma pengen di negri ajah
90. keboooo
91. suka junk foood
92. suka warna biru. suka yg bercorak2 stripes gitu
93. kalo lg galau trus nangiss kejer, suka gabisa tidur grgr kepikiran terus
94. pernah lupa naro hp dimana taunya di kulkass wawaaww-_-
95. gasuka orang yg sensi
96. lebih baik sakit gigi drpd sakit hati
97. suka kasian liat pengemis yg di jalan2 gitu
98. suka pringles yg seaweed bgt sama apapun yg berbau seaweed gitudeeh
99. takut semut, kecoa, cicak, kadal, dsb
100. ....i wish i can read people's mind and can see future

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Stay with the guy who kisses your head instead of your lips. Who wants to show you off the world when you're alone. Who holds your hand in front of his friends. Who thinks you're just pretty without any make-up on. Love the guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot. Who calls you back when you hang up on him. Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. The guy who constantly reminding of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you. The guy who turns to his friends and say "That's her"."


Saturday, November 5, 2011


HAI! tbtb tangan gatel pengen describe my classmates nihhh.-. hahaaa enjoyy :D oiya, yg gue underline itu nama panggilan mereka ya


Muhammad Aldi Kurniawan (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-z5HziiIjyYc/Traw06X7ZWI/AAAAAAAAAQw/Co3sIJ63Gt4/s320/aldi.jpg
yeayea Aldi. dia itu mirip tukul HAHAA dia itu temen ngerjain math gue hehehehehee sama dhito juga bertiga. dia itu...maho-_- anak baru nichhhhh-_- dia juga kocak meen dan dia ya begitu lah. guitarist mvr\m/ jago maen gitar..bangeudhhhhhhhh~

Benny William Pardede (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-xRuiSec13Jg/TrUIUQpKv0I/AAAAAAAAAPA/ABUG4kDVvCA/s320/benny.jpg
a.k.a 2b & MICHELLE HAHAHAHAA nama michelle itu awalnya michael-_- jadi kan gue sama benny kyk pura2 gak kenal trus gue nanya "siapa lo? kenalan dong" "gue michael" eheheheehe trus gue manggil dia michael2 dan entah begimana ceritanya, dia dipanggil michelle sama bima-_- trus ya 2b itu kan p*g kan nah itu trus dia suka diejek2 "be-a BA, be-i BI, BENNY" HAHAHAA sabar ya qaqa._. trustrustruuus gue sama benny tuh suka "bebebebeen....*nepoktangan*" "viviviviviieeer......*nepoktangan*" itu gaje bgt asli tp seru gitu hahahaa

Septian Bima Nugroho (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ONBITPyc-Gw/TrUQp6TI33I/AAAAAAAAAQA/s48hSChT2Ik/s320/bima.JPG
bimce. bimandul. bimaho. bimbi. bocel. dia itu nyebeliiiiiiiiiiiiiin parah annoying parah kalo udah yg namanya ngatain org. dia seneeeeng bgt ngatain orang, apalagi chloudyaa.-. gue gatau kenapa ini anak satu demen bgt ngatain chloudya-_- bentar lg juga paling numbuh benih2 cinta *eaaaaaa. bima itu duduk samping gue kan di sklh, dan dia suka tbtb ngeliatin gue terus gajelas gitu jir, takut bgt gue-_- trus suka ngupill!!! hahahhahahahaha. drummer mvr\m/ satu lagi...BOKEP PARAH

Chloudya Julia Emmanuelle Pretty Siboro (˘˘ʃ ʃ)
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-MjoU0DBX-9w/TrazKDEsuaI/AAAAAAAAARw/omcl3IGImOo/s1600/chloudya.jpg
chloudya itu kasian parah kalo udah dikata2in sama bima-_- semua kata2 pun tercurahkan dari mulut bima unutk ngatain chloudya-_- chloudya anaknya baik, asik dan suka jadi penutup gue kalo bima lg ngeliatin gue-_- panjang ya nama dia, seperti kereta._. ini anak ya, kalo namanya pelajaran yg hafalan tuh pasti selalu dapet nilai paling tinggi coba ihh. bisa bgt gitu ngafal2 yg kyk history segala macem coba._. beda bgt sama gue dih

Desya Ayu Aghniaε˘`)
Description: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lUW4lSeky8Y/TrUKck14ptI/AAAAAAAAAPQ/Lc5KxAbLXa8/s320/desya.jpg
MY BEYBEEEEH{}{}{}(ʃƪtemeen caw gue setiap minggu! pasti deh setiap minggu kita ada waktu pas jalan berdua nya gitu. semalem coba, gue nemenin dia ngidam naskuc. read my previous post aja buat kelanjutannya ya-_- stupid bgt deh pokoknya ya-_- kita sering ber nostalgia makan berdua di kotak yg biasa tempat kita2 dulu makan jaman kls 6. nih beberapa foto gue berdua dia
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_hzDRI5MNHA/TrevMEr7GWI/AAAAAAAAATA/CoWCnbsdT_Q/s320/dedesvivir.jpg

Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mag1ISJRbas/TrevRUKo4_I/AAAAAAAAATI/nOHp30ugUqs/s320/vierdeey2.jpg

Description: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-6ZiN0u39SgM/TrevSZYM3UI/AAAAAAAAATQ/tEN6imNu3ik/s1600/vierdeeyy.jpg

Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1ngtQtlqbMA/TrevJ_q7EmI/AAAAAAAAAS4/1xKE4tlmL70/s320/vierdess.jpg

Description: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ysIIvm2c7a8/TretKMAmtYI/AAAAAAAAASY/SRWvhLx7y00/s320/CirHwCao.jpg

Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-naJkeRpTnLM/TretP33CaBI/AAAAAAAAASo/bQ_3OnVQQ2I/s320/CneJxVIi.jpg

Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-EOxIzseCGmI/TretUWH0PjI/AAAAAAAAASw/tfzewLy5LAY/s320/CnfJZIUN-tile.jpg

Himawan Nur Ardhito (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-41Xlxq6xyeI/TrUKuVUGiAI/AAAAAAAAAPo/d8mbqXAH_C8/s320/IMG_9272.jpg
guitarist mvr\m/ dhito hebring bgt dah kalo yg namanya gitar. cool parah maennyaak. gue kalo ngeliat dia atau siapapun main gitarnya bagus tuh gimana sendiri gituu-_- dhito itu suka ngasih advice2 gitu ke cowok2 ttg cewek, padahal dia cewek aja ga punya hahahhahahaa bego-_- dia sih sebenernya ya katanya masih 'ehmm' sama si 'ehmmmmmmmm' hihihihihiiii

Diandra Rizki Israhmaniar (˘˘ʃ ʃ)
Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i5G76A01MP8/Traowq2ihHI/AAAAAAAAAQg/e1XPnAM7LDM/s320/diandra.jpg
diandra itu kalo ketawa.....haduh pusing gue dengernya. kyk beda bgt gitu deh dari yg lain-_- udah kenceng, beda pula-_- dia kalem looh padahal. baik jugaa. kmrn kan gue pe tp dia engga, trus gue gawaba sepatu, gue pakenya flat coba, jadi dia minjemin gitu ihiii baik yaaaaa

Ela Sofiarti Sofian (˘˘ʃ ʃ)
Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-njv1iDLdUrA/TraohOVVwII/AAAAAAAAAQY/R00CSEtUzL0/s320/ela.jpg
movie maniac and potterhead. yea, that explain her so much. kita kalo mau nanya2 tentang movie2 atau actor2 gitu ke dia, pasti dia bisa jawab. dia berbehel dan berkacamata. pinteer looh. mantan partner gue di kandidat osis pulaa. OMhaiOM! diamirip...MANOHARA. yak. sekian

Muhammad Nafil Fadli (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Lkx6uqHjhas/TrUKm9RZkxI/AAAAAAAAAPY/D4_hMtBIULM/s320/fadli.jpg
fadli itu anaknya kaleeeeem trus dia tuh di sekolah tuh sweet gitu sama agnetha. bikin envy gitu deh ya berhubung gue dengan sangat ngenes nya..jomblo._. ya nasib lah. well, back to fadli, dia itu duduk samping gue juga di sekolah dan dia apa222 tuh nanya kalo ga sama gue ya sama intan.

Fariza Julio Residena (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-TYAKzd6cuVo/TrUKoLNGtJI/AAAAAAAAAPg/SmUtWaHDz0g/s1600/fariza.jpg
jaja! panggilan kita ke dia itu jaja. tapi kalo gue sih manggilnya za ya kdg22. dia rada kalem gitu trus suara nya pelan bgt ya apalagi kalo dibandingin sama gue ya yang berhubung gue mendapat julukan toa krn suara gue yg kalo gue ngomong amat sangatlah kencang._. oh iya gue suka ngancem2 dia sama "dua" lohhh. hahahhahahahaha yg tau gue dan dia doang ihii. yg satu gede yg satu kecil ye za wakwakwakkkk. nih ya nih org atu demen bgt ngasihin gue keringet yg super duper ewwww bgt for god sake

Muhammad Fathir Putra Halilintar (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Sn79tR4YlG4/TraxAI-tZrI/AAAAAAAAAQ4/xU0owgsVz18/s320/fathir.jpg
mr. awesome. he calls himself that. even tho everybody know he's not hehehehe jk BIG bro._. he's SOO BIG dan dia bilang sih pengen diet tp apaan, makan junk food mulu. dia bilang, dirumahnya itu makanan cuma ada indomie, nugget, sama telor doang coba ckckckk. mana dia gasuka sayur sama buah lg. dia tuh jago bgt di science. he's soooooooo annoying sometimes, tp dia udah ga pelit lagi loooh alhamdulillah kalo bawa makanan pasti bagi22;;)

Intan Karina Hapsariε˘`)
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-auRwnKngEI8/TrULFy9307I/AAAAAAAAAPw/RN0ZfO4TtvM/s320/intan.jpg
heyy cousin! sodara berkacamata berbehel gue terautis tercintaah{}(ʃƪ)suka bgt ya dia sama cerita setan2an dan ga takut gitu-_- dia baik, kalem pula dan dia itu masih suka sama si 'ehemmm' gitu. well, keliatan sih, jadi pasti pada tauuu. dia itu ya kalo yg namanya berantem sama martinn....laki nya keluar ckckckwk. she always told me the things about 'itu'. yea, imma trusted person;)

Lisa Dara Marella Simanjuntak (˘˘ʃ ʃ)
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Ps6oNfbLnxg/TraxB-aCKPI/AAAAAAAAARA/x767-8GpqmA/s1600/lisa.jpg
wakil osis B) curly long hair and wearing braces and wearing glasses. dia tuh baiik, kalem, imoedh gitu dia masih ciliik, seperti desya. lisa juga ketawanya unik gitu-_- dan akhir2 ini gitu kan dia disukain adam kan tp lisanya gasuk gitu trus suka takut salting sendiri gitu kalo ada adam-__-

Martinus Simon Bestan Sambulare (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ICvShEtMKDQ/Traxts9KjeI/AAAAAAAAARI/hGoPeHWOhWo/s320/martin.jpg
bacot. ngomong cepet bgt. bibirnya mancung. sukaaaaa bgt nyari masalah. pernah hampir ngebakar sekolah HAHAHAAA masa pas lg ngebatik, kompor yg dia pake tbtb apinya gede gitu. satu kelas panik eh dia malah duduk ngeliatin cengo dan itu hari pertama dia jadi osis coba kyk giitu-_-

Meidy Wardini Arisawanε˘`)
Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-aronnnqI5us/TrULV8KOX2I/AAAAAAAAAP4/2nPCiQyXNck/s320/meidy.jpg
bacot. pecicilan. autis. potterhead.cipiicdh -.- wearing glasses. wearing braces tp bentar lg mau copot. subur HAHAHAA. meidy itu bener22 super duper pecicilan dan gabisa diem. baik kook, suka ngajak sc apa engga telios apa engga fm gitu tbtb. kaskus-ers bgt. langganan dia bgt deh ya yg namanya kaskus ituu. remember 'meidy dan vierra tidak saling mengerti' mei? HAHHAHAA:') mata dia keren looh, cuma segariss B)

Nina Aisha Darby (˘˘ʃ ʃ)
Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eW7J3rO6NgQ/Trayjer4MhI/AAAAAAAAARY/khtOvOlajL4/s1600/nina.jpg
putih kinclong bat ini anak. baik, kalem. tp kalo udah ketawa ngakak sampe gabisa berenti sendiri gitu sama sampe mukanya merah hahahaa-_- cantik pula lg ya ini anak. jago gambar deh gambarnya bagus gituu. adeknya juga jago gambar lagih.

Richard Christopher Manurung (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-p6J_CH8bKpo/TraxwKKJWDI/AAAAAAAAARQ/4KpNA8eof_A/s320/richard.jpg
gunduuuuuuuuuuuwww~ dia itu gundu kita di kelas. bacot. trus kalo ketawa tuh lawak gitu. bokeeep jir bokep paraaah. pasangan ngebokep nya bima tuhh. wear glasses! bego ya, dia tuh suka di katain nabi daud gitu grgr bokap dia kan namanya daud trus suka dikatain maria juga grgr nyokapnya maria hahahahaa-_-

Description: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-G_s-uAFVrJw/TralnVsM1wI/AAAAAAAAAQQ/0Pb8oi4o8BY/s320/manda.jpg
undescribeablee (ʃƪ)

Yogi Poernama (ƪ ƪ˘˘)
Description: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rpGeplnR3hI/TrawgQTzMOI/AAAAAAAAAQo/LWx04zasHVs/s320/yogi.jpg
yogi itu entah mengapa kata gue suaranya agak kyk gimana gitu. trus kalo ketawa tuh aneh gitu gue juga bingung apanya yg aneh pokoknya aneh aja._. bassist mvr\m/ trus dia ya baik sihhh, kalo di kelas sih kalem.

jadiyaa....begitu lah ya murid2 yg super duper unik autis dan semuamuanya deh ya aaaa tapi gue sayang mereka bgtt!{} hahahaa udah ya sekian. it's kinda late already *yawn* mumuah bye readers :B


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