Wednesday, October 12, 2011


How much longer are we going to keep deceiving ourselves? Why are we going to let go of true love because even though it feels right in the heart, it just doesn't seem logical. How much longer are we going to keep fearing what we cannot see or hear but only feel. How long is it going to take us to figure out that the most purest and the best feelings in life are only felt from the heart, never understood from the mind. It's like believing in God; we can't see him or make logic out of His existence but He is always there in our heart.

You can never get him out of your head … It’s the way you get weak in the knees when you get lost in his eyes. It’s the way you can’t breathe when you are around him. It’s the way your hands match perfectly. It’s the way your heart skips a beat when you see him. It’s the way he catches all of your attention by not even saying a word. It’s the way he makes the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. It’s the way you act like a three-year-old in love all over again. It’s the way he hugs and kisses you. It’s the way he makes you fall in love ....

We are not lovers because of the love we make but the love we have.. We are not friends because of the laughs we spend but the tears we save.. I don't want to be near you for the thoughts we share but for the words we never have to speak.. I will never miss you because of what we do but what we are together..

"I dropped a tear in the oceean, when they find it, I'll stop loving you."

Love is not a feeling. Love is an action, an activity... Genuine love implies commitment and the exercise of wisdom... love as the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth... true love is an act of will that often transcends ephemeral feelings of love or cathexis, it is correct to say, 'Love is as love does'.

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