Sunday, November 27, 2011

15 ways to make 'her' smile. FOR BOYS, please read THIS and OPEN YOUR EYES

1. Tell her she is beautiful. not hot or fine
2. hold her hand at any moment you can

3. kiss her on the forehead

4. leave her voice messages to wake up to

5. when she’s upset, hold her tight and don’t let her go

6. recognize the small things they usually mean the most

7. call her ‘sweetie’ not ‘baby’

8. sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is

9. introduce her to your family and your friends as your girlfriend

10. let her fall asleep in your arms

11. if she’s mad, kiss her

12. kiss her in the rain

13. when she’s ill stay by her side

14. play fight with her and let her win

15. and most importantly if you love her, tell her.

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